Changing lives is what we’re all about.
Why? So people can claim their individual greatness and have a terrific life!

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do? In our results-oriented seminars, you’ll find out why. And you’ll learn about important concepts like having your voice, resolving conflict and trusting yourself and others.

Our seminars are experiential, which means you’ll have the opportunity to put the concepts you learn into action. Commit to the changes you want in your life, and you’ll have the freedom to achieve your greatness!

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Basic Seminar

At Life Success, we’re results-oriented. And you’ll definitely see life-changing results after participating in our Basic seminar! Some of the positive changes our graduates report after Basic include:

    • Improved self-confidence, especially at work
    • Open communication with family and co-workers
    • Ability to resolve conflicts without anger
    • Clarity about life goals—and commitment to achieving them Increased energy and personal productivity
    • Enjoying activities both at work and at home

How can you achieve your dreams if you don’t believe in yourself? Self-confidence is key to living your greatness, and it’s one of the many important concepts you’ll look at in-depth in the three-day Basic seminar. In Basic, you’ll learn the essentials for leading a powerful, fulfilling life!

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Tuition for the three-day Basic seminar is $595 and includes two meals. In addition, two continuing-education classes are included as part of your seminar experience. These classes are an opportunity for you to sharpen the new skills that you learned in Basic.

You can register by calling the Life Success office at 513.444.2047.

Want to see what Basic is like? View our seminar video clips and find out:

Your Boat #1: Row
Your Boat #2: Stream
Your Boat #3: Seriously
Your Boat #4: Dream
Your Boat #5: All four segments

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IPI Seminar

Take your Basic experience to the next level with IPI, the second step in our life-changing process. In IPI, our Inter-Personal Intensive seminar, you’ll get to the core of who you are, why you do what you do—and how to make the essential changes for living your greatness!

Our IPI graduates report that this seminar is the best investment they’ve ever made! And what could be better than investing in yourself and your future?

Based on what our grads say, you can expect these results in your life after IPI:

    • Confidence in yourself and your decisions
    • Improved communication skills and healthier relationships
    • Believing you can achieve what you want
    • Celebration of your unique strengths
    • Ability to be a better resource in your important relationships
    • Commitment to building a strong circle of influence around you
    • Taking action toward accomplishing your dreams

IPI is a five-day residential seminar and 2 continuing education classes.

The IPI seminar is offered several times each year. Please click here to view our 2015 Seminar Schedule and Times.

Tuition for the IPI seminar is $1395 and includes lodging and two meals per day, plus your two continuing education classes.

You can register by calling the Life Success office at 513.444.2047.

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Next Step Seminar

In Basic and IPI, you’ll identify and own your greatness. In Next Step, you’ll have the opportunity to relax and embrace your spiritual strength.

The five-day Next Step seminar provides a peaceful, nurturing environment for contemplating your spirit.

So what are the benefits of Next Step?

    • Ability to release feelings of stress whenever you need to
    • Profound sense of relaxation
    • Experiencing love at a deeper level
    • Living life with joy!

Next Step, which is only for IPI graduates, is a five-day residential seminar, held at Transfiguration Spirituality Center in Glendale OH.

You can register by calling the Life Success office at 513.444.2047.

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